Objectives Of Budgetary Control

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B: Leader motivate and inspire his team to achieve and engage with that vision.
C: Leader manages how to deliver the vision.
D: Train and built a team, to achieve that vision.
Leaders always bring all his skills together to do the things and achieve the target.
Leaders monitor the internal and external activities of the team. Without this he won’t be able to see whether your plan is working effectively or you need to make some adjustments. Then manager keep control of those elements to keep everyone moving towards the target.
In all control task leader always monitor the task and monitor the work being done and then he compare the progress to the plan and verify whether the organisation is working as it has been planned.
If everything is going
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Management and management accountants should work together and operate a system that achieves these goals, they can do so through a system called variance analysis. Management accountants compare the actual results against its budgets; they then send reports to the management concerning to which budgets are being met. Management can then control activities by making possible steps to stop conditions where the budget is being ignored or disregarded.

To meet their controlling and planning requirements, management and management accountants adapt the feedback . If the expected productions differ from what productions are desired, control actions are applied to minimise these differences. Control is therefore, achieved, if the control actions are effective, before any deviation from the objective output occurs". Feedback is the detection of a deviation between actual results and an objective; normally this is carried out after the event and is essentially error based. Research has shown that up to date, accurate feedback has a motivational effect, delay and inaccurate data are demotive. Most organisations adopt these controls, as they are effective and aid the pursuit of a budgetary control
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Setting targets that are realistic and clearly stated will encourage employees to make more effort to achieve it than they might otherwise do. However, the motivational effect of budgetary control is far from clear, as we shall see later in this report. In addition, there is no point in having targets and controls if they are kept a secret. Through communication, organisations can enhance the level of information that flows from top management to employees

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