Objectives Of Campus Recruitment

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CAMPUS RECRUITMENT: It’s a very popular method/ term which is been used in today’s time for recruiting fresh graduates/ post graduates by the small, medium and large organizations. In campus recruitment companies visit some top technical and professional institutes to hire young and well-groomed crowd. It’s different from traditional methods where job seekers approach employers in this process the employers themselves visit various high profile institutes in search of energetic upcoming talent. The major objective of campus recruitment is to identify the talented and qualified students before they complete their education, as this process reduces the time for an industry to pick the candidates according to their need. It helps in achieving…show more content…
Heating Up Competition Every Year
2. Selection of Right Candidate
3. Grab Attention at Specific Locations
 To know about various companies using campus recruitment method and finding their strategies.
 To study the recent trends and challenges in campus recruitment method.
Different authors talked about Campus recruitment in the following manner:
JAYASHREE SAPRA & Dr S P MAHESHWARI discusses about some of the strategies that the todays organisations can and are employing to make ensure they have the best possible pool of qualified applicants from which they can fill vacant position as and when required. It talks about the timing of campus recruitment process when it should be started and by what period it should be completed, to get the best possible students for the various types of job. Selecting a particular campus is of great importance in the campus recruitment process as it should possess the desired number of candidates, as well as those which can be best fitted in its corporate culture, which can also be considered on the basis of various factors like college ranking, graduation dates, student organisation,
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From the study I came to know about campus recruitment as a whole it as a concept, its process, its advantages and disadvantages accordingly. Also came to know about some of the companies using it, and have adopted different strategies for it. There has been use of literature review so as to get an insight into this topic, as which provides a sound base for carrying out new research accordingly. Also I came to know about various trends in campus recruitment in today’s time and challenges faced accordingly. Both the objectives of the study have been achieved and are validated with the help of Alan Bryman’s four stages of qualitative analysis which has helped me in attaining effective findings/ results. Also there are various suggestions which have been provided which should be considered by various organizations in carrying out campus recruitmentaccordingly.
Also various limitations of the study should be considered when in future such kind of study related to this topic is being donesuch that these limitations should no more be limitations. Number of companies in this study is limited so in future when studying campus recruitment or extending this research more companies should be
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