Objectives Of Earthquake Planning

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Earthquake Plan A proper earthquake plan can reduce the damage of building and saves many lives. Objectives of earthquake planning - To minimise expected injury/death of employees. - To evaluate and reduce hazards. - To reduce expenses caused by loss and liability. - To put tested procedures and equipment in place. - To plan for business to recover after an earthquake. Steps 1. Identify potential business assets These are the items that are very important for the business; if they are not available then it would cause disruption of the business. Some potential business assets are as follows:- • People- Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Visitors. • Data- Documents, Files, Records, Back up of data. • Operation- Accounting Receivables & Payables, payroll, Manufacturing. • Inventory- Stock, Supplies, Raw materials. • Equipment:- Computer Hardware & Software, Servers, Network, Specialty Equipment, Manufacturing machinery, Furniture. • Buildings:- Physical structure. Storage unit, Warehouse, Main office, Capital lease. 2. Arrangement of vital information This step is important because it contains some very important information such as… • Employee emergency contacts:- it is required to communicate if employees are injured, sick or unable to leave the workplace. • Key contact list:- it contains the contact number of vendors, suppliers, customers, business partners, etc. • Critical business functions:- these functions are important for survival of business. Under this it is
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