Objectives Of Hazardous Waste Management

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1.) HAZARDOUS WASTE 1.1) Hazardous Waste Hazardous waste can be defined as waste that even in low concentrations, has the potential to have a significant adverse effect on the public health and the surrounding environment due to the inherent toxicological, chemical and physical characteristics that it possesses. 1.2) Handling of Hazardous Waste Hazardous waste requires stringent control and management, to prevent harm or damage and hence liabilities. It may only be disposed of in a hazardous landfill. [1] The ‘precautionary principle’ should always be applied, hence waste should always be regarded as Hazardous whenever there is any doubt about the potential danger the waste could pose on humans and the environment. 1.3) Objectives of hazardous waste management are as follows [1]: • To ensure the correct identification and classification of hazardous waste substances. • To provide sufficient control of hazardous waste until is disposed of. • To prevent hazardous waste from illegally entering the environment. • To implement ‘cradle-to-grave’ principles by means of planned waste management strategies. 1.4) Impact of hazardous waste on human life and the surrounding environment A hazardous waste substance can further be described as any substance which directly or indirectly represents a threat to public (human) health and/or the environment by introducing one or more of the following risks [1]: • Explosion or fire. • Infections, pathogens, parasites, or their vectors. •

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