Objectives Of MBTI Test

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The objectives of MBTI test are to understand personal differences and know about preferred style of performing tasks. Besides, it is not judge my personality and assess my abilities or aptitude. The test is measure with eight elements, which are extraversion(E) versus introversion(I), sensing(S) versus intuition(N), thinking(T) versus feeling(F) and judging(J) versus perceiving(P). According to the results, I tend to ISTJ. Compared to my personality, the result suggests me to be a doctor. The career is matched my personality with 82%. However, it is just an example of how my personality profile matches the “doctor” career profile. Another way to look at my personality is to use descriptions of different personality types as reference points. The data shows how “close” my personality is to each 16 stereotypes. The result thinks my personality is closest to ISTJ and second closest to ISFJ. To further understand myself, I conduct another MBTI since I want to clarify which type are the most suitable for me. According to the second result, it shows that I belong to ISTJ. It matches the result of the first test. According to the result of figure 4, my personality profile matches…show more content…
When I make a decision, I am mainly through logic. I do not relate using values, adopting personal, subjective opinions as a participator, valuing and appreciating. Usually, I am less likely to give to charities or be touched by emotional appeals since I do not think that giving money to them is the best way to help. However, it does not mean that I am not willing to help the social vulnerable groups since I am looking forward to seeking other ways to help them, for example, I will support Pei Ho Counterparts Charity Pop-Up Store. One meal voucher entitles one person in need to enjoy a meal for free. I think that it is better than I only give money to

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