Objectives Of Recruitment And Selection

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Human resource department is responsible for selecting and hiring the right employees which is challenging. The overall objective of the recruitment and selection process is to obtain the number and quality of employees required to satisfy the needs of the organisation. It is needed to be carefully planned in able to attract the right applicant. Recruiters assess potential employees in terms of their fit with the job and organisation. Person-Organisation fit refers to the applicant fits with the organisation`s values and culture. It is the compatibility between candidate and the employing organisation. Recruitment and selection process for every organisation is important to stay competitive and hire suitable staff.
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Before advertising the job positions that are needed, a well-written job description and job specification are to be created. Then advertising of job position opening can be done advertising job position opening throughout company website, local newspapers, targeted online jobsites, community bulletin boards and social networking sites. Identifying suitable candidates can be done through their sent resumes and application forms. This means that the identified suitable candidates have reached all of the criteria needed for the job. Review and shortlist is the process where the organisation will decide which potential job candidates are going to be interviewed, then decide on the potential job candidates. After all the selection process, the decision of hiring the right applicant is completed and candidates that completed the steps the selection and recruitment process will be hired and ensures to have qualified workers. It can be expensive because of advertising vacancies to find ideal candidate but there can be alternative ways to do it. All these processes are needed to be done carefully from reviewing, interviewing and conducting applicants which is time consuming because it is needed to be carefully conducted with care and consideration to find the person fit for the…show more content…
When recruiting applicants, it is important to know different things from them like more of their personality or behaviour for work such as communication skills, teamwork skills, thinking skills, personal qualities etc. not just skills of doing the job because before seeing their possessed skills, attitude will be seen first. When applicants have the great quality of behaviour and personality, they can be trainable for other job positions. If these applicants are selected and appointed to the job, the manager would be able to mould individuals to the way they would like them to work. For instance, during the recruitment and selection process the recruiter find the applicant`s attitude which is willing, hardworking and committed then most likely if this candidate is to be selected and appointed to the job, the manager can train them for improvement or for different
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