Objectives Of Sales Promotion

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Chapter 4 : Sales Promotion
Sarangi S.(2011a) explained sales promotion as a reference to all those communication efforts that do not fit into the categories of advertising, publicity or personal Selling. Examples include point of sale displays, exhibitions, demonstrations, demonstrations, coupons and employee incentives. In this project our main aim is to turn our attention to sales promotion and its role in a firm’s integrated marketing communications program. Sales promotion is plus. Ingredient in the marketing mix, whereas advertising and personal salesmanship are essential and basic ingredients in the marketing-mix. In short, sales promotion is a bridge or connecting link covering link covering
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The aim of sales promotion is goal-oriented to achieve sales/marketing objectives which are short term and immediate. Sales promotion has been traditionally viewed as a non-recurrent selling activity, but in the present marketing situation, sales promotion programmes have become necessary to maintain business in many product categories.
4.10 OBJECTIVES OF SALES PROMOTION Sarangi S.(2011b) narrated sales promotion as dual objectives:
I. to increase buying response by ultimate consumers.
II. to increase selling efforts and intensity by dealers and by sales personnel. Sales Promotion also supplements and co-ordinates efforts of advertising/personal selling. It is usually difficult to choose a particular sales promotion tool for achieving the specific objectives. An important area that concerns sales promotion objectives is directly related to the specific promotional techniques to be used.

Sarangi S.(2011c)
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Brand associations are considered to be anything linked in memory to a brand. These links are valuable for several reasons including processing and retrieving information, differentiating a brand association are considered to be secondary because they link a brand to another entity such as a particular lifestyle or a celebrity endorser. Sarangi S.(2011f) explained

Brand association, therefore, is anything linked to the memory of the brand. Thus a jingle like “Happy days are here again” has been associated in customer’s mind with Thums up. Surf is linked with the economy-minded middle class housewives- Lalitaju -in the advertisements. It is important to not only know the associations that exist with the brand, but also know the strength of these associations. For example, the name of Tata is associated with quality. Brand association helps build equity by:
• Helping a customer to process and quickly retrieve product information
• Differentiate the brand from the competition
• Provides a customer a reason to buy
• Helps in creating positive attitude or feeling towards a

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