Objectives Of Tourism In Japan

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1. Introduction
Tourism industry is one of the most important tertiary sector industries for any country. This is because the tourism industry does not only result in high influx of foreign exchange, but also helps achieving other macroeconomic objectives such as high employment, higher standards of living, cross cultural relationships, exchange of technology, and higher gross domestic products.
Japan is a country that has huge prospects for tourism. Not only the country is economically and politically stable, but also has an edge that its government has always taken a keen interest in promoting international tourism for Japan. The Japanese government’s tourism promotional campaign, ‘Yokoso Japan’ has opened further prospects for the development
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1.2 Vision:
The vision for Omtenashi Japan is to be the welcoming face of Japan.
The company aspires to give more innovative dimensions to the Japan tourism industry and to provide exceptional and never had before experiences to tourists.
1.3 Objectives: The objective of the venture is to develop strong Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) relationships and to introduce innovative tour plans in order to position itself as a business with well differentiated product and with a unique selling point. The overall idea is to create more innovative dimensions within the tourism business. This will be done by exploring new places within and new forms of entertainment within the country that are generally overlooked by others.
1.4 Nature of Business Organization: Omtenashi Japan will be a private limited company. There are already about 10 investors who are willing to invest in the venture. A limited company would mean ease of raising finance. The company also aspires to explore business options in other tourist destinations such as South Asia and Turkey and a strong company goodwill in Japan would help in doing
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The Japanese capital, Tokyo, is known for its high population jam packed in a small geographical area. This results in a lot of congestion. Although Tokyo manages to receive corporate tourists but the lack of natural attraction in Tokyo’s environment fails to attract a lot of leisure tourists.
3.6 Legal Factors
One of the greatest positive aspects of Japan is its relaxed legal formalities and relaxed embassy laws. The procedure to attain a Japanese visa is quite hassle free unlike many countries. 62 countries around the world enjoy visa exemption under Japanese law and the visa fee for most countries is minimal.
4.0 Strategic Marketing Omtenashi Japan’s marketing strategy will focus on positioning the company as the most customer friendly business that offers the most innovative, never-had-before, and authentically Japanese experiences to its customers.
The focus of OJ’s marketing plan would initially be business to consumers (B2C), the business to business (B2B) operations would be on a smaller scale focusing on selected parties.
4.1 Marketing Environmental Audit
Based on analysis of internal (strengths and weaknesses identified in the value proposition) and external environment using the PESTLE and 5 forces analysis (sections 2,3 and 2.4), the market needs and how OJ would satisfy those needs are described

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