The Pros And Cons Of Objectivism

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Objectivism Pros • Advocates for “independent thinking, productiveness, justice, honesty, and self-responsibility” (Biddle, 2014). o As educators we encourage independent thinking and when it comes to online learning, one will need to be able to think independently as sometimes the course will be asynchronous. • Objectivism advocates scientific advancement, industrial progress, objective (as opposed to “progressive” or faith-based) education” (Biddle, 2014). • “Every principle is derived from the observable facts of reality and the demonstrable requirements of human life and happiness” (Biddle, 2014). o I feel that my district is doing this currently with their “visible learning walkthroughs.” Cons • “An individual’s ideas or beliefs do not…show more content…
When looking at the pros and cons of each I found that; first, I really focused on the pros of each of the theories and wanted to see the best aspects of each, second, some of the theories played into one another. Social learning is great in that students can learn from observing, so in online learning this might be showing an example of completed work. Or it could be showing a chemistry experiment through a video, the student would be learning through the observing of the video. Constructivism has a focus on the authentic experiences and problem solving. As a teacher I have found that the minute I can make something authentic, or prove that the student will use the concept in another area of their life, the student is on board learning the concept. Social cognition lends itself to knowing a concept without fully understanding the concept, like being able to tell someone the steps on how to change the tire on the car, but not knowing how to perform the task. Cognitivism has a focus on the role of feedback in learning, which helps guide the student to making improvements. And with behaviorism, one can understand the idea of “I used to be able to do organic chemistry, but I haven’t used it in over twelve years. So, I do not remember how to do some of the problems anymore.” Each theory has a part of the role for online learning, to choose just one would be very
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