Objectivity In Academic Writing

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AN UNDERSTANDING OF ACADEMIC WRITING Introduction The aim of this essay is give an insight into the basic understanding and purpose of academic writing. The type of language an academic student can use to avoid the document becoming personal. How establishing objectivity and the importance of being objective in academic writing can assist in eliminating the personal approach. Highlighted in the essay is the important structure an academic student must follow to help the reader remain engaged in the essay. Clarified throughout are the vital components that an academic student can follow to compile improved and more knowledgeable material. Understanding what is being asked and how critical thinking has a role to play in academic writing will…show more content…
It is important to note that when writing in an academic style that slang and colloquial language is avoided. By avoiding the use of such language, it keeps the academic piece formal and focuses the attention of the author on the content of the document, this helps remove the possibility of the document venturing into common conversation rather than an academic piece. Osmond (2014, p.15) considers the use of colloquial or slang makes academic writing subjective and instils a belief in the reader that the author is not serious or working in an academic way. When writing in an academic format the use of contractions (meaning a word can be reduced with an apostrophe) is also a negative. Osmond (2014, p.16) believes that it is imperative to write the words out in…show more content…
Plagiarising another authors work is bad academic practice according to (Redman and Maples, 2011, p118). To copy another authors work, either word for word, or keep it in close proximity to the original text is a way of plagiarising. Plagiarising can be avoided by simply referencing the other authors work. Properly structured academic work should include work from others to give weight to a document. Correctly referencing another authors work will avoid the document from been plagiarised. While using work from other sources it can be worth noting that the work does not have to be copied word for word, another way to present work from other authors is through

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