Forbidden City In China Analysis

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10 precious objects in the Forbidden City in China
The Forbidden City in China is famous all over the world thanks for not only the spectacular, grand scale but also 9,900 rooms filled with countless cultural relics of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Especially, the Palace Museum founded in 1925 in this imperial palace contains more than a million valuable artifacts which were related to the ancient imperial Dynasties, including the gifts from the neighboring countries and the precious treasures of the imperial courts. Follow top 10 precious objects below, which are considered as the most valuable things according to the Chineses experts.
1. Jinou Yongu Cup of Emperor Qianlong
The most outstanding treasure of Qing Dynasty is the gold wine cup, which
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It was painted by Zhang Zeduan, a royal artist in Song Dynasty. He was known as one of the greatest painters of the Imperial Art Academy. The masterpiece has is 24.8 centimeters in width and 528.7 centimeters in length. The painting records a daily life of Chinese in the 12th century along the Bianhe River in the capital city of Bianjing (now called Kaifeng). Especially, it describes the Qingming Festival with 500 figures drawn in different styles of dress, and activities. The real life is reflected vividly through the skilled brushstrokes of talent…show more content…
It is the oldest manuscripts in the world written by Lu Jin, a well-known calligrapher in the Western Jin Dynasty. Actually, he wrote the letter with the aim of presenting the greeting and blessing to his sick friend. Completed in a simple and unique style, the calligraphy is 23.7 centimeters wide and 20.6 centimeters long. Some experts think that the work in the museum is a cursive writing of the official draft because the letter was owned by several collectors before being donated to the Palace Museum.
7. Black Lacquer Clock with Eight Immortals
The Black Lacquer Clock set on a rectangular table is the most excellent masterpiece in the Museum’s clock collection. It has 185 centimeters in height, 102 centimeters in width, and the both sides are 70 centimeters wide. This work was made for a long time, it took 5 years to complete during the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong. The artisans spend most times for making seven mechanical systems to create the most accurate control of the timepiece and chimes.
8. Silk Tapestry of the Painting "Plum Blossom and
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