Obscenity And Contemporary Media

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Obscenity& Contemporary media Obscenity: There is nothing influential than media in this contemporary era. In this media subjugated epoch Obscenity also have Become a prime aspect of media. Obscenity is an act or utterance of Hurting moral values of an individual or morality appealing to a society. Undoubtedly media is the platform to exhibit one’s views and opinions. Formerly it was a journalist who represented public Known as the “voice of the public” but today the things have changed every individual has started setting their own propaganda to voice their opinions. Consequently it has Resulted in obscenity usually verbal obscenity. Some of the cases of obscenity I would like to quote are as follows Cases of Obscenity: Aamir Khan’s statement on intolerance – This was one of the Most controversial statements where the actor said in an Interview that he is feeling insecure in his own country And he was alarmed by the number of incidences and his wife Kiran rao suggested that they should move out of the country. He was welcomed with criticisms from the social media Even his counterparts took dig on him claiming that his Statement is baseless and groundless. His sensational Statements lead to social media outcry. Kamal Hassan’s derogatory statement on Mahabharata- Kamal Hassan who is considered as the favorite child of Controversy due to his outspoken nature made a remark On Mahabharata claiming that India is a country which Honors the book like
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