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Observant: Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir Observant means to pay close attention to precisely everything that happens around us. It is a process of collecting the information by seeing or, more specifically as observations of behavior and make a note of the behavior observed. Besides, in general meaning, observant means quick to notice or alert. The entrepreneurs who know how to plan, analyze, formulate and take every opportunity is the entrepreneurs who have observant. Observant is also a trait that successful entrepreneur always use. In this context, observant is used by the entrepreneurs to search for the problem in the community and create a product or services that can be used by the people. They also will analyze the strength and weakness of the organization to improve their quality in planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The advantage of entrepreneurs that have this feature is their ability to predict things before they happen whether the matter will give profits or losses on them.
It says that the best entrepreneurs are very aware of the world around them. They pay full attention. In fact, most ideas come from seeing things for what they are. They have noticed that something can be done, made or delivered better. Based
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A person who demonstrated team oriented traits able to interact well and share knowledge among the team members, and willing to listen to others decisions as well as share the achievements together. The person manage to bring up the team by utilizing the strength of himself. Although a task might be able to complete by an individual effort, but a team oriented person able to complete the particular task more effectively with others by achieving it more faster and efficient. Therefore, team oriented trait plays an important role for an entrepreneur in conducting businesses due to the limitation of an individual’s

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