Observation And Character Analysis: Once Upon A Time

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The show premiere that I watched was Once Upon a Time; the broadcast network is ABC, and it aired on Sunday September 25 at 7/8c. This is the show’s sixth season. The show is based on story book characters that come to the real world after one of their own, The Evil Queen or Regina, casted a curse that made them forget who they were, and the only two people who knows that they are story book characters are a boy, Henry, and the Evil Queen who cursed them. The boy was adopted by Regina, but he is actually the son of the only person who can save them. At the end of the first season the “savior”, which is what Emma Swan is sometimes called, begins to believe that they are story characters. Emma Swan, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, at the end of the second season ends up lifting the curse. Many things happened between season three to five, but isn’t very relevant to season six.
In the season premiere of the show a lot happened, and many new mysteries arose. Rumple Stiltskin
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“ This theme like in every story book and throughout the whole show is how good always wins. At the end of every season the good guys always win even if the bad guys are about to win. The show had a lot of commercials most of them were commercials about Once Upon a Time, and some of the commercials were about selling items like “Windex”. In the shows itself there were a lot of items that they seem to call attention to which were most likely sponsors for the show. The graphics of the show were pretty good, but there was one part of the episode where they tried to make Regina talk to herself or the Evil Queen, but the video quality looked really choppy and terrible. The music on the show were music from the Disney movies like when Rumple Stiltskin was trying to wake up Belle they danced in her dreams and the song that played while they danced was “Story as Old as Time” which is a song from “Beauty and the
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