Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cypress Hills Library

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During my local trip to Cypress Hills library, On February 16, 2016, at 1pm, I entered the library to return some of my overdue books and decided that I would conducted my observation at this located due to the fact that it was extremely packed with parents and their children. I decided that today would be a perfect day to conduct my assignment because all the children were on vacation. The tables were filled of children and their parents. I noticed some of the parents browsing the aisle in the library looking at books. The wait to get on the computer was about 45 minutes and as I looked over to that section three young children were on the computers and three adults sat on the opposite side on the computer as well. The librarian was engaged…show more content…
In chapter 9, the running record is a popular method for recording observations. What was surprising was I would often use this method on various things. I tend to focus on trying to capture every detail and sometimes i would not capture everything I needed. The running record is very time consuming and therefore information can be missed. This observation practice I decided to incorporate Ethnographic fieldnotes concept and the running record method. I first started a time format of my events for the observation. It began with the 1pm- when I first arrived at the library and later went to when I sat down at the table and what I noticed. I found it easy to record brief descriptions of what I was observing because I didn’t feel overloaded with trying to keep up with the things that was happening around me. I have learned that teachers really have their job cut out for them and I soon would be in that shoes. It took patience to stick to my one subject and listen and watch everything that was happening when you are in a place with so much going on. The checklist the professor provided played a big role in me completing my assignment it was a great tool to look back and make sure that all points were being
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