Observation At A Restaurant

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Observation Assignment #1
For this observation I chose to study and observe the use of space in different interactions at a restaurant. The study of how we perceive and use space is called proxemics. Proxemics is studied because it can tell us a lot about people’s relationships and help us decode the messages that others send to each other (Guerrero, 2008, p.182).
I went to a cafe for this observation and made sure I found a seat facing a lot of other tables. I observed how space can be used to convey messages between people in many different relationships. I saw how friends, couples, family, strangers, and workers interacted through space during my observation. The location I chose was a Flying Star cafe on the westside of Albuquerque. This already explains a lot about the demographic I got to observe. Since the restaurant is on the westside of town, most of the people that choose to eat there live in more stable areas of the city, where they have nine to five jobs and middle class. Another factor that played into the selection of the participants of my study was the type of restaurant I chose. Flying Star is a local cafe that focuses on organic and locally grown food. Therefore, the items on the menu are fairly pricey. This too limits the kind of people that I was able to observe. And lastly, this particular branch of Flying Star was right on the border of Albuquerque and Corrales, a village that has a rural quality, which contributed to the differences ??? in the people
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