Differences And Similarities Between Cancun And Jalisco

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An assignment that forces you to go out and eat is the type of assignment I have been waiting for my entire college career. It covers many of my truly great qualities that I possess; eating and making judgements. The two restaurants I decided to use in this observation were Cancun and Jalisco. I wanted to pick two places in the same food category (Mexican) so that I could keep as many variables as I could the same when making a comparison. This way we could not only see how well each one faired individually, but also to determine which location should be chosen when you have the itch for some Mexican food in Hays, KS. The first restaurant that I visited was Cancun. It is a small independent joint located at 1011 Elm St just north of the train tracks. We visited the restaurant on Tuesday the 20th around 7 PM. When we arrived, I had no issues parking but noticed there…show more content…
It’s easy to go to a restaurant and simply go through the process without really taking everything into account. I feel like you can really appreciate the experience more when you notice more details about the location, food, and staff working. As for both Cancun and Jalisco, I really enjoyed myself at both. Either place you go, you are receiving real Mexican food, unlike the normal fast food places in Hays. You are also going to get nearly identical, top notch staff at both. You’ll never have to ask for a refill and will always be treated with respect as a customer. I understand a true review should have some negatives to go along with the positives but I can truly say my experiences at both were pretty much flawless. Even the bathrooms were clean and respectable. If I were to pick a winner between the two I would have to base it strictly on the food alone because bother experiences were nearly the same. Therefore, I would have to choose Jalisco as the best sit-down Mexican restaurant in Hays,

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