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On my observation day the menu for school lunch was, mashed potatoes and gravy, sticky chicken fingers, whole wheat roll, broccoli, and a cup of mixed fruit. As I watched the kids through the line the majority of the students did not take the broccoli. I watched a class of 30 students go through, out of those 30 students, 3 of them accepted the offer of broccoli. Classes after that had about the same ratio as the first one. After the kids sat down and started eating, only a handful of those who took the broccoli actually ate it.
I made me question if they do that everyday with the vegetable they are offered, or if it was the broccoli specifically. The majority of the students took everything else on the menu. The students seemed to love
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They came in fun patterned lunch boxes that were personal to the kid. Those kids who brought home lunches did not have as many healthy options as those students who ate school lunch. I saw a lot of chips, cookies, and fruit flavored drinks. I saw fruit filled with syrup, and very very few vegetables packed. Those who ate school lunch who try to bargain for the home lunches snacks and treats.
The students in the lunchroom ranged from age 5-10 or Kindergarten to 5th grade. Within all the age groups they were very segregated into boys and girls. The older they got you saw slightly more mixing, but very few. I noticed in the older grades were there waw more mingling and the boys showing off. They were offered oranges in their fruit cups, and the boys would put the whole orange slice in their mouth and smile to all the girls. The girls on the table would giggle, and more boys would follow suit.
From what I could hear in the noisy lunchroom, the boys talked about mostly the food they were eating, or what they were going to do when they got to go to recess after lunch. They were focused on how much they could eat, and who could eat the most out of their friends. After they were finished and excused my their teacher it was off the

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