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Data from classroom observation
To see the students’ participation in speaking activities applied by teachers, classroom observation was done. It was also conducted to know problems faced by students while speaking. Data from observation indicate most students were unwilling to speak .Only few students were willing to speak in class. When they were asked by teacher than only few responded and asked question in return. This condition of class claimed that students had problems/hindrances to speak or to express their ideas in English.
Observation claims that learners’ hesitation or fear of being humiliated is due to causes of linguistic factors which create problems for students in speaking English they are lack of lexis, incorrect
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This factor did not allow them to share their thoughts by speaking and even unable them to understand native and expert speakers. This proved the reference of Smith (2011) in which he ranked vocabulary first. He further said vocabulary is the basic element for speaking which provides opportunity to speak and understand any language.
Various reasons were mentioned by students in regard lack of vocabulary.
Roll no: 2, 6 and 8 “Because we don’t gain a lot from study, some time we tired while searching to find out special words in dictionary”
Roll no: 14 said: “Because I don’t give much time to study”
Roll no: 20 “I am not interested to be referred dictionary again and agian”
Roll no: 24 “I spend less time in searching new words in dictionary and fed up wile doing such activity
The above arguments of students claim that to be failed of students regarding vocabulary is due to confined/limited sources of information is one of the reason. Lack of vocabulary plays a vital role in avoiding any language. Students use dictionary only to find out the meaning of unknown words. Where they unable to find words in dictionary they became hesitant to deal in words. (Text Education Agency,

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