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Elementary PE I actually was able to observe several different elementary grades, so that gave me a great idea of what the majority of the students do on a daily basis. I loved the kindergarten class as they are really little and cute!! A typical day for these little ones was once they arrived at the gym, they sat on the bleachers and waited for the teacher to give them the green light. This meant the class of six took off for a run for about five and a half minutes. There was one student that had a hard time staying focused, not talking while running, and had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. Instead of him being able to run with the group, he ran back and forth up the gym floor. I could tell that this particular student, didn’t…show more content…
They had a total of fourteen in their class. They started a little different than the Kindergarten. Six students started out in a box formation on the gym floor while the other eight waited on the bleachers for the teacher. The reasoning behind this was the six that were on the floor had trouble waiting for their teacher patiently, so this was something she came up with. Once they were are lined up and ready, they took off running on the outside of the black lines in the gym, but the six that lined up in the box formation ran further on the outside. These little guys also ran for five and a half minutes. When they were all done running, they all lined up in two rows and did twenty-five jumping jacks, twenty-five partner sit-ups, and fifteen push-ups. The teacher also counted these out loud. I did notice that she carried around a behavior assessment chart. Depending on how many marks they received each time they had PE, their behavior determined whether they got to participate in Fun Friday! Believe it or not, she had some students who it really didn’t bother whether they got to participate or…show more content…
They have a bigger class of nineteen. They also started off with stations while waiting for the teacher to get ready. This included toe touches, ladders, tossing a light ball against the wall while balancing on one foot, and stretches side to side. After that, they started out with a five and a half minute jog around the gym. As this is a big class, the students really got along and didn’t have a problem following directions. When they were done jogging, they stopped where they were at and did seventeen back jacks, eighteen jumping jacks, thirty-five partner sit-ups, and twenty push-ups. They really didn’t have a lot of time to do their relays, but they did thirty mountain climbers, twenty lunges, and twelve burpees. When their class time was over, they lined up in two different doorways. One group headed back to the classroom and one headed to the special choir. I have to say that after observing all of these different classes, the most important trait an elementary PE teacher should have is an attitude to have all of the students be successful even if they get there a different way than the other students. It is so important that the teacher doesn’t talk to a student, but be there to encourage them in achieving their goals. It really takes aways a student’s self-esteem when a teacher does that. Also, I really don’t think there is a least important trait for being an elementary PE teacher. Everything about teaching PE is important.

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