Observation In Learning English

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This paper concentrates on the observations made during lessons. It also focuses on how learning English for the first time as a language can be taught in a way that would be better and easy to understand. The students that I will deal with are those of grade one and two. Learning activities highly influence on how a student appreciate. Making sure that learning activities are of high quality which can be coupled with situations gives the students’ different perspectives which they can appreciate. They are several relevant skills that are a student is supposed to practice during learning. The skills are clarification, value analysis and problem-solving. The experience which students get during learning are the ones that give the opportunity…show more content…
When researching about good teaching practice they are two aspects of teaching that are interesting they are; being able to learn phonics and being able to learn comprehensive skills of a new language and clarifying it as well. They are several methods that can be employed to make sure that young children are able to understand and read texts. One of the main methods that are used by teachers in teaching on how to read is phonics (Lazarin, 2016). This method focuses on mentioning of new words by children. It does this through teaching students the alphabetical system of writing. It pays particular attention to letters and sound. In each language there is a unit of sound, the least unit is known as a phoneme. They are phonics guidelines that are usually stipulated, however, some research must be done in order to obtain the empirical principle, also, some common sense is applied (Pardo, 2004). According to research, children who are taught early enough in an…show more content…
The factors include, the strategies that are employed in reading, the type of vocabulary that is in the text, phonological awareness, the attitude of the child, the motivation to read, knowledge of the article, ability to recognize work, the working memory of the child and comprehension awareness (Sanford, 2015). . Teachers can employ strategies of instruction which involve explaining to learners in different ways that they can be able to utilize and use comprehension strategies. This is always the first step in three phase instructional framework. The teacher then proceeds in giving support to the students at different levels as they practice. This is known as scaffold support and it is the second stage. Students then gain the ability to be able to read independently while utilizing the comprehension strategies that are available. It is known as the independent application phase and it is the last phase. The framework proves to be important and helpful as students interact between the phases through dialogue between themselves and the

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