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ii. Social/emotional: I observed both students during calendar time and during the math game in relation to the social/emotional standard.
3. Facts and Inferences:
a. Student #1: Laila (typical) Facts Inferences
Social/emotional Laila followed directions and sat on the carpet after the teacher gave the direction. 1. Is she choosing to listen in hopes that the teacher will have her move her clip up (behavior management system)?
2. Is she choosing to listen, because she knows that if she does not listen, there is a chance that the teacher will have her move her clip down?
Social/emotional While the teacher was reviewing the days of the week, Laila changed her position from sitting with crossed legs to laying on her stomach. 1. Is she tired?
2. Did she not sleep well last night?
3. Was sitting with crossed legs
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1. Did she simply guess and point to any group without counting?
2. Does she think that four is more than six?
3. Does she understand what the word “more” means?

b. Student #2: Anastasia (atypical) Facts Inferences
Social/emotional When the teacher asked the students to sit on the carpet for circle time, Anastasia did not follow directions until the teacher spoke specifically to her. 1. Did she hear the teacher’s directions?
2. Was she comfortable at her seat and did not want to move?
3. Was she choosing to be defiant, because she did not want to participate in calendar time?
Social/emotional While sitting at the carpet during calendar time, Anastasia continued to play with another girl’s hair braids after the girl told her “Don’t touch my hair.” 1. Did she like the feeling of the girl’s hair braids in her hands?
2. Was she distracted by the colorful beads in the girl’s hair braids?
3. Did she simply want to play with the girl’s hair braids; therefore, ignoring her
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