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Paris is a place full of adventure, excitement, and fun. From childhood into adulthood, all those things help to shape us as individuals and aid in the development process. Developmental science, according to the text, Exploring Lifespan Development by Laura Berk is, “a field of study devoted to understanding constancy and change throughout the lifespan” (Berk, 3). Naturalistic observation is one of the most valid ways of studying this field. It enables one to explore and analyze the theories and subjects within the field in an in-depth manner. Berk describes this as, “going into the field or natural environment and recording the behavior of interest” (22). This method of naturalistic observation is most effective when focused on a particular…show more content…
shame and doubt. Oscar’s boat ran into the French child’s boat and he became very distressed and uneasy. The Parisian father came to help with the collision, but Oscar would not interact with him until his mother came and interacted with him first. According to Erickson, that behavior correlates with a shame and doubt. After the receiving confirmation from his mother that it was okay to interact with the Parisian father, the Oscar became more comfortable and active. He did not feel secure enough to interact with the French father independently until his mother reassured him and gave her approval. The boats collided again and the American child said to the French child, “Our boat is in another traffic jam.” After the children got comfortable with each other, they began to play with their boats together, laugh, and talk together. They seemed to be very happy and content with each other and their boats. Of course, the environment that they were in as well as their parents had an effect on them. The amount of attention, love, support, freedom, and affection a child gets from their parent is extremely important to their development. A lack thereof can result in insecure attachment patterns displayed by the child encourage decreased self-esteem and

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