Essay On Disrespectful Behavior

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Research regarding the criminal justice system has many components, but most importantly it relies on the study of interactions and movements between people. These investigations allow insight as to how people operate and thrive in the world, including those who are reintegrating back into society. When researchers are direct and concise while defining definitions, they are able to study more easily. Thus, the definitions are able to guide and anticipate observations. The purpose of this paper is to delve into the practice of observation and step into the shoes of a researcher. I will be focusing on observing interactions and determining when respectful, disrespectful, status cueing, and protective behaviors occur. First and foremost, I must be aware that everyone has their own personal definition respect and disrespect. Throughout this paper, I will utilize my definitions and…show more content…
According to Dictionary, disrespectful is "lack[ing] [a] special regard or respect for" an individual, specifically authority figures. Disrespect essentially is deciding not to treat others with human decency, thus resulting in rude remarks or actions. Normally people learn to become disrespectful once a person of authority or greater stature lets them down. Also, those who have been systematically discriminated have a weak faith in the system which means that they never had the opportunity to cultivate a level of respect for authority figures in the first place. An example of disrespect is talking over a person while he or she is talking. In Mexican culture, the act of saying hello and goodbye at family functions is very important. If I were to disregard this entirely, this would be a sign of great disrespect toward towards my family members, especially those of the older generation. Basically, one uses disrespectful behavior with the knowledge that he or she is knowingly insulting
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