Observation Of A Homeless Person

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Welcome to our home. Let me show you our dining room, there is some pictures you should see. There are family pictures, Christmas pictures, and school pictures scattered around the book shelf by the table.
You see that picture? That’s my brother Chandler, the smart kid in the house. I remember there was one summer that Chandler decided he wanted to solve an old rubix cube from when my mom was a kid. Chandler would be able to solve most of it, but could never completely solve it. He watched a youtube video to help him. Chandler would practice and practice, night and day. Once he got a good pattern he would have me time him over and over again, well until he beat his record then I had a hour break so he could get faster. Now every year for Christmas I get him a different type of rubex cube
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We are standing in front of a hay bale with Maxx sitting on top. Who’s Maxx? Maxx is my abnormal dog. I honestly think that he thinks he is a human. In the morning on the way to do chores he will sit in the passenger seat and not scoot over, even if I tell him to, and yes he does know what it means. He will try to hold Mike’s hand. He stares at strangers and barks at friends, well until I say “Shut up Maxx!”
Below that picture is a wedding picture of my Mom and Mike, Mike is the man of the house. He is kind of old fashion, but in a good way. When he says “Turn of the TV and go to bed.” then you better turn off the tv and go to bed. Mike is a farmer, but all farmers are old fashion. He has his chair and nobody sits in it.
On the far left is a picture of my mom and I when we were at Chucky Cheese on my 4th birthday. My Mom says “I love that picture!” all the time. It’s black and white just like my Mom. Whenever we do crafts she always does it just like the picture. There is the wooden Christmas nativity scene that my Mom painted from a magazine and she insisted from painting it as shown in the
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