5th Grade Classroom Observation

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For observation 3 I observed the same classrooms as I did in observation 2. I observed a Kindergarten classroom and a 5th grade classroom. This is to help to see if there are many differences or similarities in the different grade levels. I observed children in the classroom and when they were outside during recess or in the kindergarten class outside when they were having a birthday celebration and inside recess. In the kindergarten classroom there are four tables and at each table there are six chairs, students do not have their individual desks. There are two doors, one that leads to the playground and the other leads to the rest of the school. Inside the classroom there is carpet and tile, there is a giant numbered rug that is on top of the carpet on one side of the classroom. That is the setting of the classroom now the setting of the playground, there is a jungle gym and some grassy area, the playground area is not too big and is surrounded by fence. In the 5th grade classroom the students have individual desks. The students’ desks are put into groups of four. In the classroom there is a total of eight groups. The teachers desk in right in the…show more content…
In the Kindergarten classroom the leaders of a group were always changing. There was no “true” leader. I could distinguish the leaders, followers, and loners when the students had inside recess because it was raining outside. The leaders of the group would be the ones making a shape or puzzle. The leader would the ask the followers to pass them a piece that they wanted or needed. There were two loners in the classroom. One was at the table that has coloring sheets and crayons for the children to color. Then the other one was walking around the classroom and going to each group and seeing what they were playing however, she never joined a group. She ultimately went to the table that the boy was coloring at and they started to talk to each

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