Observation Of A Multicultural Preschool Classroom

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I observe a bilingual multicultural preschool classroom. My goal was to observe ten children during free choice play time, and to take observations based on play/non-play observations. In this preschool classroom the ages variation ranges between three though five years old. My host teacher. Ms. Rodrigues arrange the classroom setting too create a learning environment depending on the children interest following the creative curriculum. The teachers always accommodate the learning areas, for the students to make free choice, but the teachers also guide their young learners during play. On April 23, 2015 the observation took about one hour, upon my arrival children were finishing their breakfast, and choosing learning areas to play. In this classroom the teachers practice free choice, which provide students the opportunity to choose their learning area of interest. This is crucial in early child development setting because it provides students confidence about themselves, and encourage them to think to make decisions.

Each learning area is accessible, arranged, accommodated and equipped with learning materials that promotes children to play. Upon my arrival as children were transitioning from breakfast to the learning centers, the young learners already knew were they wanted to play. According to my host teacher, because the children has been expose to explore and play in all areas throughout the week they come to school ready to learn while enjoying playing. My focus
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