Observation Of A Restaurant

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I am at Masyale’s Delicatessen on Saturday, November 14. It is ten past one in the afternoon when I arrive at the restaurant. Before I come, I search some information about it and find that it is a Jewish restaurant. It is in the shopping area and is busy on weekends. The building is equipped with large French windows and it can be seen as you walk by. There is a waiter standing near and door and he wears an apron. He welcomes me when he sees me and leads me in. I decide to seat myself in the corner where it is convenient for me to observe the customers without disturbing them. There is a glass cabinet inside the porch and there are various prepared foods, such as hot dogs and bread in the cabinet. There is also a triple-decker low shelf which displays some snacks, such as chocolate, Lays chips, and some drinks. The floor is covered with a dark brown patterned carpet. The tables and chairs inside are wooden and their color is also dark brown. Sofa is placed around the wall to replace chairs. Each seat is provided a knife, a fork, and a spoon where are placed on a napkin. The restaurant smells like American fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s. The walls are decorated with some pictures. There are not any green plants or flowers in the restaurant.
When I go to the restaurant, it is still during the lunch time and the restaurant is almost full. Most of the customers are adults and there are also some children. There is a combination of men and women. The items on the
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