Tribeca Restaurant Observation

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During the act of eating, “the world enters the self” (Rozin, 1999, p. 14). It is during the act of eating that we are most in touch with the world because “it involves an extremely intimate exchange between the environment and the self; two entities that are ordinarily quite separate” (Rozin, 1999, p. 14). This intimate exchange makes the culinary experience more than just eating for the sake of nutrient intake. It is an enjoyable social and sensory experience – it is an art. I chose so conduct my observation at the Tribeca restaurant at the University of Pretoria Hatflied Campus on Tuesday, 26 August at 9.30 am.
Physical Description of my Research Site
Tribeca on Hatfield Campus has seating both inside and outside the restaurant. You can
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The sounds create a sense of inclusion as it is a warm, happy and welcoming atmosphere. This welcoming atmosphere draws you in and makes you want to sit down and also take part in the meal time conversations that are happening all over the restaurant. Coffee machines are constantly on the go, creating a homely feel and the sound of cutlery and plates indicate that people are eating – making you feel the need to order something to so you can feel a part of the culinary experience. Some people are sitting at tables with groups of friends while other people sit at tables by themselves working on their laptops or reading books. There are a few romantic couples sitting at the tables too.
A lot of people are sitting on their cell phones although they are in the presence of company and many people sit with their elbows on the tables or with their legs slightly apart while leaning back in the chairs – indicating that this is a casual dining experience. It is full of students of all different races. There are no segregations and many groups of friends are made up of various races. There is no specific dress code. People are dressed casually yet appropriately. People are free to speak in their own
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