Observation Of A Tribeca Restaurant

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During the act of eating, “the world enters the self” (Rozin, 1999, p. 14). It is during the act of eating that we are most in touch with the world because “it involves an extremely intimate exchange between the environment and the self; two entities that are ordinarily quite separate” (Rozin, 1999, p. 14). This intimate exchange makes the culinary experience more than just eating for the sake of nutrient intake. It is an enjoyable social and sensory experience – it is an art. I chose so conduct my observation at the Tribeca restaurant at the University of Pretoria Hatflied Campus on Tuesday, 26 August at 9.30 am. Physical Description of my Research Site Tribeca on Hatfield Campus has seating both inside and outside the restaurant. You can sit outside where you can people watch, sit inside right by where the kitchen and coffee machines are or you can sit in a more private outside area, slightly secluded from all the hustle and bustle. Wooden tables and chairs inside create a modern, yet still homely appearance. Tables and chairs outside are simply designed and made of metal. This creates an outdoors, summery atmosphere. The bathrooms are nearby and there is a beautiful view of the engineering buildings surrounded by beautiful trees and green lawns. The layout and the simplicity of the interior design creates and open space that encourages social interaction. Summary of my Major Findings Tribeca has an upbeat, vibrant atmosphere which is created by the upbeat music

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