Observation Of Animal Observation

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My nephew Adam is six years old. He spends most of his day either at school or at the daycare center. Adam live in an apartment with his parents and with his two siblings. I made the observation at home in the presence of both his parents and siblings. The observation took me roughly an hour. As I observed Adam’s behaviors, I will be going to discuss about his, social-emotional behavior, cognitive development, and physical development in this essay. Before I made the observation, I asked for the permission and I gain the consent of Adam’s parents. I made the observation on Sunday. Fortunately, Adam stayed at home during the observation. When I get to the house, Adam was watching, kids’ television show called “The Wild Kratts” on PBS. The Wild Kratts is a kid’s show, that helps kids understand and learn more about animals. Adam was interacting with his siblings while watching the television. He was naming the different kinds of animal when he sees it on the television. Throughout, the show Adam was helping his little sister learn the names of the animals, as he sees it on the television. When he sees a new animal, he constantly repeats the name. This action can be a characteristic of utilizing the working memory, “The ability to hold information in our minds for a brief time” (McDermott, 2010). Repeating the name helps him to store the information and retain it in a short term, but as he practices more, it helps him to remember it later. In addition, during the observation

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