Observation Of Classroom Management

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1.1 Classroom Management and Its Significance
Managing student behavior has always been a primary concern of teachers for student misbehaviors have interfered with a positive learning environment (Shin & Koh, 2007). From the beginning of teaching experience, teachers commonly express their concern about controlling the students and creating a disciplined environment in order to create a proper atmosphere for learning; and classroom management is commonly mentioned as the most intricate aspect of teaching. Doyle (1980) also states that maintaining order in a classroom is a basic task of teaching as management activities lead to the establishment and maintenance of those conditions in which instruction can take place effectively and efficiently. There is accumulating evidence from meta-analyses of variables that influence school learning and that classroom management has been identified as one of the variables that has greatest influence on school learning (Freiberg, 1999). Today, classroom management is becoming an increasing problem for teachers and administrators in primary schools because of changes in educational environments.

Conceptions of classroom management are influenced by changes in research perspectives at various points since the late 1960s (Harris & Evertson, 1999). Since that time the meaning of the term classroom management has changed from describing discipline practices and behavioral interventions to serving as a
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