Observation Of Elephants

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Elephants have proven to have unique cognitive abilities that have been found in primate species, including humans. One aspect of an elephant’s cognition that is interesting and unique is their mourning rituals and deep emotional ability to feel loss, grief and sadness. Scientific research of elephant’s brains have proven that they are capable of emotions, communication and behavior similar to that of human beings. Observations of elephants in the wild and in captivity have proven that they have a complicated social structure which they express emotional feelings towards their family members and that elephants grieve and spend time with their loved ones that have died. Elephants have been seen showing empathetic and compassionate behavior towards one another when they…show more content…
The entire herd of elephants surround the body of the dead elephants and touch all over the body while they smell it. If it is only a skeleton, then they pick up the bones and feel them and move the bones around. They tend to stay for days on end. From the scientific viewpoint, these actions indicate peaked interest and show that they have the capacity to be interested enough to thoroughly investigate. When elephants have intense emotional feelings they produce “streaming”: from their temporal glad. This happens under severe stress, anger and other emotional feelings. When elephants are investigating the bodies of their dead kin, they have intense streaming, which may indicate sadness and certainly suggests grieving. Because elephants have such a strong social community, form unwavering bonds and have been proven to be highly intelligent creatures; scientist have concluded that elephants show sorrow, grief and loss when they see another elephant who is
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