Observation Of Emily Salazar

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I met Mrs. Emily Salazar at an office celebration in 1985. Mrs. Salazar came with her two-year old son, named Samuel. He was an adorable, healthy well-behaved little boy. As the years past, Samuel grew to manhood and fathered Samuel L. (2000) and Manuel Calderon (2003). Samuel and the children’s mother, Sara Lopez, seemed content, but then Samuel got into trouble and was incarcerated.
While Samuel was away, Emily and her husband Randy Salazar assisted Sara Lopez with child care and money. They also made monthly treks to Samuel so that he and the boys could see each other. Many weekends, they would pick up the children and make the several hours trip to visit Samuel. Sara Lopez met another man and moved her and the children with them.
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Randy Salazar because they had trouble getting to school. During this time, Mrs. Emily Salazar and Mr. Randy Salazar have never asked for money to feed or clothe children. They have given (paid and hosted) the children their birthday parties many times and have kept them at their home. On several occasions, Mrs. Emily Salazar has asked me to babysit the children while she takes care of an errand or goes with Mr. Randy Salazar out to dinner. I have babysat all of the children, except for Daniel Calderon at one time or another.
It is my firm belief that Mrs. Emily Salazar and Mr. Randy Salazar love their grandchildren and will do what is best for the children. It is also my belief that in the children will always have a home with their grandmother and Mr. Randy Salazar. The children need a stable home where they know that they have food, shelter and that they can go to school and prosper. The grandmother’s and Mr. Randy Salazar home is a two-story 3,000+ four bedroom home where the children will full homemade meals, love and ample room to spread out and play.
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