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I have been observing the FORM 5 English Class at a bilingual school in Uruguay called St. Brendan 's School. The students are 10-11 year-olds and their first language is Spanish. The first thing that drew me towards this topic was what first caught my attention the most during my observation time. Despite this being an English class, Spanish speaking occurs. I observed that the students are very knowledgeable about the English language when it comes to communicate with themselves and even with their teacher but still, Spanish tends to take the leading role. I have been studying English ever since I was 4. At that time hardly anything was translated into Spanish. During my observations, I noticed that the teacher lapsed into Spanish. But then I thought I might merely have been prejudging, as in my education translation was not allowed. My project will be based on my attempt to reconsider the role of L1 in L2 classroom and think of ways of minimising L1 in L2 classroom. I expect theL2 to be fostered. The Observations have drawn me to a firm belief that an English teacher should strike the balance between overusing the L1 and avoiding it. A motivated student will be encouraged to use L2. What is motivation? : “enthusiasm for doing something” (Cambridge dictionary). Thus, how can you first start motivating your students? By YOU speaking the target language: English (2009:16):”Pae(2008, in Dailey 2009) supports this by pointing out that, in Korea because of the lack of

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