L1 Language Teaching

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Register to read the introduction…“Lucas and Katz(1994, in Cook 2001) (1994, p.558) report than even in English-Only US classrooms,’the use of the native language is so compelling that it emerges even when policies and assumptions mitigate against it’”.(Cook V. , 2001)
Cooks’s paper has been a far convincing explanation of how naturally L1, and inexorably, occurs.
In the book “Techniques and principles in language teaching”, written by Diane Larsen Freeman, it talks about the Audio Lingual Method and says: (2008:42)”The language teacher uses only the target language in the classroom. Actions, pictures, or realia are used to give meaning otherwise”. This observation has the following principle: “The native language and the target language have separate linguistic systems. They should be kept apart so that the student’s native language interferes as little as possible with the student’s attempts to acquire the target language”(Freeman, 2008).
This clearly shows what Vivian Cook wrote as follows:(2001:2)“Most teaching methods since the 1880s have adopted this Direct Method avoidance of the L1.[…..] The anti-L1 attitude was clearly a mainstream element in twentieth century language teaching methology”.(Cook V. ,
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