Mechanical Engineering Lab Report

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Observation # 1 (Refer Observation no, 2 & 18) It has been observed that some high voltage machines at mechanical engineering workshop are undergone for maintenance with tags but no longer locked out and this will be fatal to maintenance staff, students, and teachers. Overloading sockets are seen within the college offices due to lack of sufficient sockets may also lead to a fire as well as injury to staff and damage to property. It is breaching the law of UAE electricity act and rules Electricity Hazards (ADEC/EHSMS/05/5.1/EHSPRG/5.1.8/ELECHZ) Recommendation: High voltage machines in mechanical engineering labs should be completely safe for all, maintenance staff, students and additionally instructors, where the energy sources must be tagged out and lock out in an away to start any maintenance work and…show more content…
Purchase of new scaffold materials and provide safety nets in the work area to save many people life and stops falling objects and collapsing of scaffold which might cost AED 80000. Observation # 4 (Refer Observation no 5 and 6) Trailing cables due to insufficient power outlets at student regions. And this could create trip, fall hazards. further to Storing cartoons and present student desks near emergency fire exit could obscure the escape during the casualties and this may cause also trip, fall hazards, injuries, and fractures ought to occur and this act could happen due to lack of inadequate supervision. Breaches of Law: The UAE rules of electricity, non-compliance with this law, shall be deemed as opposite to the law-such failures will be addressed according to the law under Article 65 (5) (notices served by the Bureau), articles 66 (none compliance) and Article 135 (fines). Recommendation: Electricity outlets and plugs as per requirements. Adequate supervision is required to arrange a frequent inspection. Approximate cost: AED 1000. Observation # 5 (Refer Observation no 7 and

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