Observation Of L. B's Physical Ability In The Classroom

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L.B physical ability seems to be fair she were not able to swing on the swing set while on the playground playing. L.B. were able to balance herself on the walking balance that were also located outside on the playground. I also observed L.B. riding the trikes and throwing a ball. While throwing the ball L.B. were observed using complex body moves. Our textbook mentions that “ By ages 4 through 5, children are quite motoric…..their movements are expansive and include large muscle coordination facilitates balancing, hopping, jumping, climbing, sliding, galloping, skipping and many others” (The Young Child Development from Prebirth Through Age Eight, n.d p.316). L.B. social and emotional skills seems to be ok when I observed her. L.B had some encounters with some of her classmates and also with her teachers. It took her having to be redirected and a couple of times before she were able to follow the classroom rules. However when she were communicating with her classmates she were able to get her point across. Also while playing I observed L.B. saying that she were sorry to one of her classmates. Our textbook states that at the age of 4 and 5 children rely on previously acquired self-comforting strategies to help them cope with uncomfortable or disturbing emotional events. Learning to recognize and…show more content…
However I do know that when a student is being assessed the teacher is not only learning about the student behaviors however that teacher is also learning about themselves and their behaviors (The Young Child Development from Prebirth Through Age Eight, n.d). When I am working with children this process have taught me to do more assessments and therefore I will be able to learn the child and know specific what the students are capable of doing and I would be able to provide materials and strategies according to their skills and they will be more effective with excellent
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