Observation Of Observation

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One day, I was invited to take a walk by my employer, Mr abdul and thufel. I don 't know where and for what. Usually, I rarely invited out. The origin you know this area is extremely remote. Animal mounts reply they know is just the camels and horses, it is rarely that have it. The majority who have horses are a family of high society.

Oh, I just thought of my observations during this time. Because, I never meetmy colleague. I only know of living with a poor sufi family, and a new little boy recently lost his mother. I know they are very loving and caring for me. They also save my reply was from the merchants who only care about their own stomach, but disregard our rights to live decent. Thus I would appreciate whatever their decision at this time. Because I know, loss of family members who are very dear to you it was very painful, and if I was still living may just bea hassle they only.

I have a bad feeling about this trip. All looked at me in amazement. The mother ever makes fun of me, I feel very ashamed to looked up. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT MY FAULT! Thufel already feel the exhaustion of walking, so Mr abdulasked me,

"can he ride?"

"It 's been my shift master"

Thufel any ride. We carry out the journey. Unexpectedly the elders of the area leaves angry. They brought out all these serapahnya, which either on my orLord abdul. A little boy looked at us in wonder, it made me the more misgivings. WHAT IS WRONG? Mr abdul just silently looked down, truthfully I 'm not willing to

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