Observation Of PO Homelessness

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PO Hale stated that, approximately an hour after they responded to the 311 loud noise complaint at 727 DeKalb Avenue, he went to the stationhouse to use the bathroom. Upon entering the stationhouse with PO Ortega, he noticed some of the civilians from 727 DeKalb Avenue next to the T/S operator PO Milton. PO Hale was unsure of how many civilians were near PO Milton; however he noted that there were possibly five civilians. PO Hale was unsure of what the civilians were doing near PO Milton, since he only saw them for a brief moment. PO Hale did not see PO Milton hand any paperwork to the civilians. PO Hale stated that the last time he saw the civilians was near PO Milton because he left to use the restroom and this was the last time he saw them.
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