Observation Of Procrastinating

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Observation: I never procrastinated when I was younger, but as I got older for some reason I began to delay my responsibilities as much as possible. I observed as my peers did the same and left important task to the very last minute. I have stayed up late at night trying to finish a project that was due the next day simply because I delayed doing it earlier. I have run around like crazy and stressed out about filling out applications a day before the deadline because I wasted my time doing other things. I also saw many of my peers doing the exact same thing. I witnessed firsthand how procrastinating had made my life and the life of those around me so much harder and stressful than it needed to be. I have struggled with my bad habit of procrastinating for a long time and although it has gotten better, I still haven’t completely overcome it. It’s something that affects my life everyday. Not only that, but it’s a conscious decision I still choose most of the time. It makes my life harder and isn’t beneficial in anyway, but I just can’t seem to stop procrastinating. I am interested to find out why people chose to procrastinate and how breaking this habit could be better in their lives. Problem: Carrera 2 When a person procrastinates, they only make their workload much heavier and add stress to his or her life. They create a hostile environment and therefore produce poor work. Procrastinating could be beneficial to some, but for the majority of the
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