Observation Of Social Interaction

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Proximity: I was observing two people who were sitting in a booth across from each other in a restaurant within the distance of 1.5 feet. They were having a direct conversation and were within a hand's reach. The gentleman was leaning towards the lady, showing interest in what she is saying. I assume by the distance between each other and the position that they are facing, these two people are very close friends. They have a very firm and strong relationship based on letting each other into their personal space zone by sharing the booth.
Eye contact: Their eye contact was pretty direct, you could tell that their eyes were almost locked on each other. Everytime in which the server approaches the table and check on them if they need anything they would break eye contact. They could go for almost four to five minutes long with eye contact without breaking it. I could tell they didn't care about how awkward it would be, or worried about how it could be misinterpreted. I didn't notice that they were frequently looking away, they would look at the menu for a second then back with the eye contact. Neither one of them had their phone on the table, and were probably trying to avoid any kind of distraction. Based on their eye contact I could tell that
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Both of them had a their chin up while looking at each other showing strong personality and confidence as well. I noticed that the gentleman was slightly leaning towards her while she speaks showing me that he cares. it didn't appear that there was anyone dominant because both of them were sitting down. None of them had a defensive or a blocking posture, they both had their guard down and were having a good time. I did notice that the lady turned her body slightly and her feet towards the right and appeared that she wanted to the leave the conversation to go use the restrooms at a certain time while they were
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