Social Interaction Observation

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Observation 1: 1. What is the social setting? Family and friends sitting down eating food with there family. One of the ladies has a baby that looks to be 2 years old while her friend has a kid who is about 6 years old.
2. What is one norm that was observed? Conversations being held , as well as interaction with the small two small kids. The mother with the smaller child is always making sure the baby is okay. While the older boy is wanting to play with the baby, the boy looks really happy to be playing with the baby. The boy then is walking around the table and to the little arcade machine, the mom keeps yelling at him to come back to the table where she can see him. He walked by my table and his mom told him to leave us alone. He then
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What is the social setting? Two girls working out together
2. What is one norm that was observed? The girls are doing the same workout but taking turns doing so. Both keeps looking around the gym at other people. Also they both kept looking in the mirror, They were holding conversations with each-other and laughing. They finished one work out and moved to another and had another girl join the work out. The three girls were doing different exercise then rotating. All seem focus in their work out I didn 't see them socialise as much. They constantly kept looking at there phone.
3. What value does this norm represent? They both seem to have a good friendship. When the other girl joined there was less conversations being held.
4. I have a picture to show that I attended the gym.

Observation 5: 1. What is the social setting? People entering the gym
2. What is one norm that was observed? Each person who walked in would scan their gym card . Some people were greeted when entering the gym others were not. Receptionist was on her computer and on her cell phone. Most guys will head straight to the running machines or to the weight room. Most of the girls would first head to the bathroom then to the running machine.
3. What value does this norm

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