Sushi Restaurant Observation Essay

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I chose the Sushi Sakura for my observation place on 27th April 2016. It is 17:00 when I arrive in the restaurant. The Sushi Sakura is a Japanese restaurant that features sushi, which is a typical Japanese food. This restaurant covers almost 2800 square foot and there is an open park just in front of the restaurant. There are many diners sit inside of the building and some of them were eating already. The decorative style of the Sushi Sakura shows an eastern and restraining beauty. The wood is used for the most part of the decoration. The wood floor and the ceiling color in the deep dark; the lights shape like Japanese lanterns with sakura drawings on the surface. There are many blank spaces for tables of all sizes, tables for two people,…show more content…
It must the busiest time of this place; those servers walk more quickly and seem have no time to wait for my order too long. However, I was no that hungry and just browsed the menu to wait. The menu is made of stiff paper and the names of the dishes were written both in English and Japanese. Every dish was labeled by words and pictures, which detailed the information of the food material and the contained ingredients. Comparing to the abstract names of the eastern food cultural tradition, the English translations of the dishes are more simple and easy to understand for those foreigners. The names of sushi always derived from its main material. For example, Grilled Upperberry Tuna Sushi is made of tuna sashimi. The fish and the rice roll set meal are separated in different pages of the menu. Because I prefer the fresh sashimi to the cooked fish, I order a dish of scattered raw fish in the bowl which involves tuna sashimi, nori, wasabi and steamed rice. Besides, the waitress also patiently recommended Nigiri-Sushi Combo for me as an apology for their late service. They also suggest me to order a portion of soup and I choose the Miso soup, which was made of vegetables, tofu, mushrooms and other seafood. This soup is famous in Japan because they call this soup as “mother’s dish” to express their favor of

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