Observation Of Vikings

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The audience; my target audience was young Viking kids training to become warriors and young men! I think the language I used in my PowToon was well suited to this audience and was easy enough to understand. The language was simple to understand and I believe that I used the appropriate graphics.
Not many wooden items survived the Viking age, luckily the Viking bow and arrow was one of the items that did. The Viking bow and arrow has been dated back to the Viking period and we have found bows in Scandinavia, we have concluded the Vikings did use bow and arrows. Luckily there were full bows and arrows that were found making it easier for us to work out how the Vikings used these tools. There were many different bows and arrows found, some were longer, pointer, more arched while others were short, blunt and
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When Vikings fought on land they would usually be on foot. They would form a close formation they called a shield wall. The Vikings would then throw arrows or spears from behind at their enemy’s. However there were only seven Viking kings slain by the famous fire arrow.
King Hacon was one of the seven kings killed by an enemy’s bow fire. Danish king Harold Bluetooth was another king killed in the ambush during the year 986 AD after a day in battle at sea against in son, Svein Forkbeard. King Harold went ashore to warm himself at a fire after the battle and one of Svien’s supporters crept close through the surrounding woods and killed him with an arrow. Norwegian King Harald, Hardada’s careful battle plans at the battle of Stamford Bridge failed his army a\was defeated after he fell with an arrow through his throat. Only days later the English King who defeated him, Harold Godwinson, was defeated and killed at the battle of Hasting after being shot in the eye with an
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