My Observation Of Officer Barabasch

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While I was doing my observation with officer Barabasch I think that being able to communicate with each other worked very well. He was really good talking to me and he always asked me if I had any question or if I needed anything. The one thing that I think would have been more successful if I had stayed longer or tried to go back one more day to see how else he communicated with people because we didn’t talk to many people. The one thing that I am really proud of is telling officer Barabasch my story and how I wasn’t scared to share it with him. I am happy that I had the chance to see what officer Barabasch does because that’s what I want to do in the future. I also want to be more than a police officer, I want to be a detective and work for the Special Victims Unit. I think that the peer workshop was really good and that it helped a lot. I think that reading other essay and giving…show more content…
He finally confessed to officer Barabasch that he knew the credit card was stolen and that he was sorry for doing it. Now all officer Barabasch is waiting for is for Kelli to tell the truth of what she did.After few hours, we patrolled Canal Fulton and checked on Mike’s house to see if Kelli was there. In the car we talk about a lot of things but one thing that we talked about was my life story. Officer Barabasch asked me about my family and how I came to the United States, so I felt like I had to tell him the whole story. I wasn’t ready to share my story with someone else that I have only met for few hours but I felt like God was telling me that I should shared my story with officer Barabasch. So I thought about it and I was so nervous that my hand was sweating and I felt like I wanted to vomit. I started from the beginning so he would understand what
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