Observation Report: The Husky Move

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Lecture Extra Credit

Due to my lab time I arrived at the lecture around 4:30.

When I arrived she began to compare results of neuromuscular control before and after their intervention. The results lead them to the promotion of preventive trains programs. The next step was to move from high school and university student to young children. The Husky Move is a community-campus partnership to improve literacy and wellness in low resourced urban school environment. U Conn’s brain breaks lead to improved focus, behavior and a gain of knowledge of neuromuscular control. DiStefano then played a video of a typical brain break or BrainErgizer. The moves in the videos were very simple and easy to follow along while still increasing activity. When compared to a control group
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To begin the process, you should develop a high level of self efficacy, not just knowledge. The next step is to have regular targeted feedback on implementation fidelity. Another key piece is to have a goal orientated exit strategy. She emphasized how many plans don’t have an exit strategy and they did not complete the project to their full potential. Another key piece is to maintain a support plan. This method is known as the dissemination and implantation system. To end the lecture DiStefano took questions from the crowd. In my opinion, the most interesting question focused on ACL injuries. A professor described how we two year old kid always likes to jump from crazy places and try to land as “funny” as possible. Her question was why don’t we ever hear of young children tearing their ACLs. DiStefano explained that due to their age, their tissues are a lot more resistant. DiStefano ended the lecture by emphasizing that it is crucial for children to get exposure to different types of sports and physical activity. Overall, I enjoyed the lecture and found it interesting and
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