Summary: Fieldwork Observation

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Fieldwork Observation Task

M3 Assignment 2 RA1

Broad River Correctional Institution- Dr. Kennard Dubose/ Behavioral /Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services.

On Saturday, October 11th at 1300, I visited the Broad River Correctional Institution for a tour and interview with Dr. Dubose. The correctional facility opened in 1988 and is a level 3 male institution under the direction of warden Robert Stevenson. This institution provides housing to the general population and medically dependent inmates. The medically dependent inmates are housed and require 24 hour medical care. Also, the institution houses inmates that are deaf, blind as well as sex offenders. Additionally, the capital punishment facility is also there and carries out
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Once I arrived at the main entrance, a feeling of anxiety set in. To many, the word prison might scare them. To some, they welcome the idea of prison. To others, they don 't care or have an opinion. I have also been a firm supporter of our criminal justice system, and am unsure why this feeling occurred. Nonetheless, my intake process went smooth because this interview was scheduled prior, security entailed going through a metal detector and having a search. Once inside I was greeted by Dr. Dubose and the tour began with a prison guard. I immediately noticed that the workers are watched just as well as the inmates and it seemed like prison procedures followed strict protocol to ensure it functioned properly and effectively. Due to time constraints I was only able to see, inmate in processing, a cell and the recreational area for the inmates before the interview commenced. Dr. Dubose then took me to the medical treatment area where his office was located and the interview started. I started with a series of questions listed…show more content…
Understanding the nuts and bolts of the prison system is interesting and sometimes hard. But overall it 's a huge bureaucracy that consumes resources in order to incarcerate people. It does that job, sometimes well, sometimes less than well. We have many dedicated professionals working to make it function right.

Ask has funding been an issue in the past? is that an issue currently? Funding has and will always be an issue within this system, prison funding is not a priority, we professionals make do with the resources provided.
Ask if he has any professional affiliations within the clinical psychology community? American Board of Professional Psychology and The Association of Black Psychologists are my chosen affiliations. Before the interview concluded, Dr. Dubose asked me if I was considering a doctorate program after completion of my masters? I said no, and he asked why not? I relied are you willing to pay for it Dr. Dubose! He said no. I said ok, we both laughed.
Dr. Dubose did inform me to consider the doctorate degree program and to never sell myself short and greatness takes time and effort, that concluded our
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