Observational Learning Theory In Nursing

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According to Cross (2009), learning takes place not only within the formal environment, but it also happens in an informal environment such as the clinical environment of a hospital; as such the physical context of the clinical area is not primarily designed for the purpose of learning. In fact, a hospital ward has been constructed and organized to manage the sick; however, teaching and learning can occur within the ward environment, even though this in not its primary function. As a result, teaching in this environment requires adaptation and the ability to work with what is available rather than trying to produce the ideal environment. Additionally, Cross (2009), state that the primary function of teaching and learning in an informal environment position the teacher to be able to direct, enhance and sustain learning through the use of illustration. However, Sankaranarayanan and Sindhu (2012) state…show more content…
The theory’s first stage is the attention phase and requires students to pay attention to the skill which is being taught in an environment that is conducive for and provides the necessary condition needed for learning to occur. As the expert nurse educator demonstrates the skill while students’ pay attention by observing what the instructor is demonstrating; this can be seen as role modeling. Therefore, an expert educator demonstrates competently the techniques associated with oral administration of medication; clearly, it is important that student nurses observe this procedure being done. In addition, another important determiner when paying attention has to do with the students’ goals, self-esteem, and competence; all these components are acted upon as each student processes the

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