Obsession In Nathanial Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

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All individuals are not born perfect. Every individual has their flaws that has a positive or negative impact to those around them and the society. All individuals have flaws that can or cannot hide from the rest of the world. Scholars of psychology argue that obsessions cause individuals to achieve perfection and can have a positive or negative aspect to an individuals’ life. Perfection is the conditions, state, or quality of being free as possible from all flaws or defects. These scholars’ arguments contribute to the story, “The Birth-Mark”, Nathanial Hawthorne expresses the common personal issue that individuals possess. The Birth-Mark was about a man named Aylmer and his obsession of science and the birth mark on his wife’s face. The birth…show more content…
Which leads him to the point of using science to remove the birth mark. Aylmer’s obsession of removing the birth mark led to the death of his wife, Georgina. Hawthorne uses Aylmer to present a common issue that individuals have. Furthermore, each scholar help better understand the theme of obsession and achieving a goal that leads individuals to a path of negativity because of individuals’ foolishness to achieve perfection, science vs naturality, and mental isolation.
Hawthorne emphasizes on Aylmer’s character shift in the poem to demonstrate his views on obsession. Individuals foolishness to achieve perfection has led to critical decisions in society. Hawthorne explained Aylmer’s characteristics by describing him as a man of science (447). Aylmer’s passion for science help to understand the obsession that he has and Hawthorne showed how much Aylmer
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Science vs naturality is a common battle in society. Some scientists believe that science has similarities with nature. Hawthorne explains the occupation of Aylmer as a scientist (447). Aylmer believed he can remove the birth mark from Georgina’s face. The birth mark symbolizes the natural beauty that Georgina has. Aylmer believes that the birth mark is hiding Georgina’s “natural beauty”. Hawthorne’s analysis can be compared to a journal article called “Beliefs about Excessive Exercise in Eating Disorders: The Roles of Obsession and Compulsions,” by Heath Naylor, Victoria Mountford, and Gary Brown. These psychologists want to understand the causes of excessive exercise in eating disorders by exploring the roles of obsession and compulsion (226). The psychologists are using scientific methods to solve something that happens naturally in most individuals. Also, scientist believe that something cause an action to occur. Debating on whether science is more important in society than naturality. Aylmer is a stereotypical version of what a scientist is. Believing that science is more valuable to than nature. Although, Aylmer has the ability to make aromas and lovely sights. Aylmer doesn’t have the ability to control Georgina’s spirit or prolong her life. Aylmer makes his attempts to control nature, but ends up unhappy with his actions. Both Hawthorne and the psychologists share the same views of nature by using
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