Obsession In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby is Obsessed AF When humans fall in love, sometimes the extent to which it occurs may lead to an obsession. Obsession can come in different forms, but most of the time it leads to a devastation of the individual. While being deeply in love with another is most of the time a good thing, once the obsession kicks in, certain conflicts may arise. Throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing of The Great Gatsby, Gatsby performs multiple actions that are very questionable and make him a suspect to this stalker type character. The main question many readers focus on is whether Gatsby is deemed as creepily obsessive or cute and romantic in the book. It is evident that Gatsby does not just love Daisy, but he is obsessed with her because the structure…show more content…
When meeting her again for the first time in five years, Gatsby purchases an absurd amount of flowers and even pays extra money to trim Nick’s part of the grass in the hopes of impressing Daisy on her return back. This act really shows the outlandish efforts he puts in to try and win Daisy back. Daisy is obviously overwhelmed when she sees the landscaping Gatsby purchases. In the movie, this scene has a lot more details to it and the viewer really sees how Daisy is feeling. For example, the scene really shows how much Gatsby went out of his way to get as many flowers as he can fit in Nick’s house. Also in the movie, Gatsby is extremely awkward around Daisy, even though he is in “love” with her. For instance, he first runs away and is soaked after running outside in the pouring rain, he then clumsily breaks Nick’s clock, and when Nick tries to leave the two alone, Gatsby runs with Nick yet again. All these actions are emphasizing Gatsby’s creepy, stalker-like characteristics. However, the flowers really stresses the main topic; Gatsby is overly obsessed with Daisy. Nick explains, “The flowers were unnecessary, for at two o’clock a greenhouse arrived from Gatsby’s with innumerable receptacles to contain it” (Fitzgerald 84). This really shows how excessive the flowers really were. With the flowers all around the house, the tense room, and the…show more content…
Gatsby is targeted as a creepy, stalker-like character, and we as readers now know why. He first off buys a mansion worth millions of dollars directly across the bay, and he proceeds to reach for a light representing the woman he is completely obsessed with. He also buys insane amounts of flowers worth thousands of dollars in the hopes to impress her and try and win her back from Tom. Lastly, he creeps into Daisy’s bushes and camps out for the night in the attempt to “save her” from Tom. All these factors highlight the main point: Gatsby is overly obsessed with Daisy. With every action he takes in the book, there is definitely thought before proceeding with the actions based on whether Daisy approves, if Daisy would look at him differently, etc. When obsession really kicks in, the person can sometimes never even notice their actions are wrong or creepy. Obsession can make a person act like a whole different human. From buying excessive amounts of flowers to not even noticing it is wrong to hide in a bush, Gatsby is definitely considered one heck of a creepy character, not just to characters in the book, but now to readers all across the
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