Obsessive Love In Her Poem Analysis

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How obsessive love is shown in the six poems studied ? In this essay I will compare the poems that I have been studying. I will focus on obsessive love in each poem showing whether is it a negative or a positive love through contrasting and comparing the poems and showing the similarities through language techniques and the structural choices of the poems. The first two poems I am going to compare are Nettles and The Song Of The Old Mother. Obsessive love is really clear in these two poems. In nettles the father shows clearly throughout the poem his obsessive and protective love towards his son , and in The song of the old mother, the mother shows how obsessed she is towards her children, by showing that she always work for them really hard and she has to do for them everything even if it was the simplest thing ever. In Nettles the father loves and protects his son also in The song of the old mother, the mother works really hard for her children, both parents wants the best and would sacrifice anything for their kids. However differences in the obsessive love is also depicted in the two poems.In Nettles the father is unable to protect his child all the time due to the fact that…show more content…
In the other hand The laboratory which is also written by Robert Browning is a poem that talks about a woman that wants to kill her husband's lover because they are laughing at her thinking that she is crying over them, but actually she is filled with jealousy, which makes her want to revenge and see her enemy

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